If you've been working in education enrollment for any time, you're probably aware that answers don't come easy. Schools can't simply advertise their way to success. A wholistic approach must be used to serve students and deliver results to institutions. The Vrooman Group specializes in connecting recruitment marketing with processes that work for both prospective students and the institutions that are established to serve them.

Recruitment Advertising

Google reports that over 80% of propsective students, from high school to graduate degrees, do their research online. Of that, the vast majority do so on mobile devices. What was once a drawn-out investigative process has become cyber-fast. To be in front of these prospects, advertising has to be nimble.

At The Vrooman Group, we are experts in finding demand for academic programs and bringing leads to our clients. As a Google-certified Partner, we use the most current tools including search, display, remarkeitng and other methods. We regularly run market tests to determine demand for potential programs so clients can develop programs that markets want. You'll be making decisions based on data, not hunches.

Lead Nurturing

Education purchase decisions are seldom made on impulse. It's a big life choice and people usually spend months deliberating their options. So, with limited staff, how do you retain your top-of-mind presence? 

One solution is through marketing automations. We use top systems that provide prospects with personalized, responsive and custom communications to build long-term engagement. Then, our systems monitor that engagement, score it and report back to enrollment staff. This "triage" process lets enrollment people know who the most serious prospects are so they can focus their attention on the ones who are most likely to enroll.

Enrollment Relationship Management

Your enrollment staff handles hundreds or thousands of leads each year. But how well can enrollment management people monitor their work? Are leads being contacted promptly and how often? Are enrollment personnel as productive as they can be? 

The Vrooman Group  connects your marketing efforts to high-end CRM systems like Salesforce to help clients manage their enrollment efforts. After all, it does not make sense to spend money to advertise to prospective students if you don't have systems in place to service them.

Smart Systems

The Vrooman Group deploys advanced marketing technology that brings data-based decision making to our clients. We look at the advertising combinations that result in new leads and even enrollment which gives clients the ability to understand ROI and better manage marketing investments. 

Your Web Presence

A web site is not enough. Strategic use of the Internet requires specific channels that can be tracked and which contain messaging that is tailored to target audiences. We work with our clients to either provide web sites and landing pages that deliver, or coach in-house staff to create a more powerful structure.