It's Time To Demystify Marketing

Let's Be Clear: It's About The Customer.


Here's What That Means:

The best definition of marketing that we've ever heard:

Marketing is running every aspect of the business from the point of view of the customer.

It's really that simple. Unfortunately, we've seen this core principle clouded in mystery by everyone from business schools to the advertising industry. 

Don't let them get away with it.


Here's How We Help You Overcome That:

Let's make sense out of your marketing. Let's know why we're doing things because we have the data to back up every decision we make. Let's have an understanding of who our customers are and what they want. Then, let's give it to them.


Here's Why We're Different:

The Vrooman Group is a marketing agency. That's different from an advertising agency because advertising is not a solution on its own. While we're great ad people, it is one tool in our toolbox that we use for our customers. We are about systems, not just placing ads and charging clients.

What We Do For Clients


Don't spend a dime. Not until you have a plan. We've had decades of experience building and executing marketing plans for all kinds of businesses and nonprofits. But our plans are different because we can dig in to data that others don't have available to drive the direction of your marketing.


A certified Google Partner.  That's a big deal because it means that we are on top of our game for updates, best practices and strategies for targeting customers and bringing them in to your revenue stream. We have made millions for our clients- a fact that they know because we can account for the results.


It's midnight. Do you know where your customers are? We do. Marketing automation systems we use let us track customers, build a profile, alert salespeople and nurture prospects. Your business provides more efficient and attentive service and that means sales.


Our systemic approach means that not only can we bring you more customers, clients or students, we can build systems that help you manage that information. Our team has configured and integrated CRM systems like Salesforce for dozens of clients, each with their unique needs and cultures.


As the hub of most businesses' marketing efforts, a web site is essential. Our web sites work hard, telling you more abut your clients, engaging them and often continuing the conversation well after they leave the site.  That's what a smart site is about.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Over 80% of the searches on Google result in a click on organic (non-paid) listings. We're big believers in search engine marketing but if you're not maintaining a high profile organically, you're losing.  

The Vrooman Group has a team of SEO experts who can boost your search rankings and drive more business to you. It's affordable and it works.

Let's talk.

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